Not only did David contend with Saul’s attempts to get rid of him, but he even faced criticism and opposition from his own supporters. They wondered how long he would go on believing he was destined to be king when the prospects seemed all but lost; why he didn’t face the truth and forget his dream and go back to shepherding, Psalm writing and playing the harp. No doubt some of them grew tired of supporting him in his quest, and were ready to go home and give up. But David knew this was no fantasy, it was his mission. God anointed him and he would not quite till he reached the goal set for him.

O LORD Eternal, how much longer must I feel like You have forgotten me and don’t want to commune with me any longer? How long must I continue figuring out things on my own; giving me heartache and grief because my enemies won’t go away. Say something, or at least take note of what I’m dealing with, O LORD Eternal, my One True God; put a glimmer of hope back in my eyes, otherwise there’s no reason for me to go on. I don’t want my enemies to brag, ‘We got the best of him!’ and start cheering when they see me finally give up. As for me, Your unwavering love is all I need, and I can hardly wait until You give me victory. When You do, I’ll sing to the LORD Eternal like I’ve never sung before, because He’s been so good to.” Psalm 13:1-6

Reflection: A driver saw an old man having trouble walking along a country road because he had a heavy bag of potatoes draped over his shoulder. Out of compassion he stopped and offered a ride. The old man was grateful, but when he got in he sat the bag of potatoes on his lap. Several times the driver urged him to put the bag on the floor, but the old man replied, “Sir, it’s kind enough of you to carry me, but I don’t want you to feel like you must carry my potatoes too.” By the time the driver explained that since the potatoes were already in the car they were being carried without any extra effort, they reached the old man’s destination. How many believers go through life continuing to carry the weight of their disappointments, even though God has already offered to carry their burdens for them? David concluded that he’d rather be thankful for what he already had instead of becoming depressed over what had not yet be given to him. Sometimes I think believers would rather carry their burdens as victims instead of casting them upon the Lord to become victors. As Scott Wesley Brown wrote so beautifully in 1982, “If He carried the weight of the world upon His shoulders, I know my brother that He will carry you.”

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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