Sand dunes


David continues sharing about the bad state of affairs resulting from King Saul taking God’s people, whom Samuel led toward righteousness, and turning them toward wickedness. He knew that such a situation left unchallenged would deteriorate into a society full of corruption, lying, cheating and violence, with evildoers finding ways to avoid punishment. He also realized it would not be easy, no great victory ever is. However, he was still anxious to be used of God in the position his LORD chose for him and anointed him to lead.

O LORD Eternal, do something quick; more and more honest and decent people are disappearing from society every day. It is now common for people to lie, twist the truth, but still act like they are being honest. So I ask You to put a stop to this misleading and worthless blabber. Especially those who go around bragging, ‘Our free speech guarantees we’ll say what we want to say and no one has any right to censor us.’ But didn’t I hear You say, O LORD Eternal, that because the ill-informed and under-served are crying out for help that You would act now, that You promised that You would come to their rescue? Therefore, I believe that Your promises are genuine, they are even more valuable than sterling silver refined to perfection. Because You, O LORD, Eternal, will see to it that such people will never be able to dupe Your children into becoming victims of such lies.” Psalm 12:1-7

Reflection: While ministering in Asia a businessman asked me how he could succeed now that he was a Christian, when bribery and kick-backs, plus charging owners for high-priced materials and then substituting inferior products were a common practice. Not being an Asian or businessman, I told him I could only advise him on the principles of Biblical ethics. Those who earn a reputation for being honest; being true to their word; mean what they say and say what they mean, will find that businessmen who put up money for expensive projects will love to deal with an honest and trustworthy contractor more than those who cheat. Sometime later that same businessman told me he followed that principle and found it to be true. This led to his becoming a highly respected, trusted, and wealthy businessman with a reputation for being honest. Many believers feel that the idolization of corruption must be met with strong public outcries of righteous indignation. This often offers only the proverbial 15 minutes of fame to the proponents. Better to respond by living an honest and trustworthy life so that believers and sinners on every level will see the benefits of truth and reliability.

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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