David knew what it was like to face a giant with only a slingshot and a few stones. He had experienced fighting off wild animals to protect his father’s sheep, but this was different. That’s why, even though his friends advised him to cut and run in order to save his life from Saul’s assassins, he knew that God had chosen him for a special purpose and he would not give up being faithful to God’s call. After all, if God could trust him to remain true and faithful during times of stress and danger, then God had no reason not to trust him in times of peace and prosperity.

All of you know I turn to the LORD Eternal when I’m threatened, so how dare you suggest that I fly off like a frightened bird to some hillside cave! Look around you, there are those standing in the shadows who hate believers so much, they’ve got their arrows pulled back against the string so they can ambush them. So I’m telling you, if those considered pillars of society won’t stand up against them, what chance does the average person have? The LORD Eternal watches from His holy throne in heaven to see what’s going on doing down here, because He’s interested in His creation. The LORD Eternal emboldens those who live right, but has little time for those who are habitually evil and love violence. Such evil-minded sinners will get the fiery end they deserve when God’s scorching blast hits them. For the LORD Eternal is gracious; He loves those who live right and act right, and they know He’ll always come through for them.” Psalm 11:1-7

Reflection: Mom and Dad knew their little boy possessed a great deal of talent, when at the age of five he already learned how to play the violin. By age 13 he mastered the organ and became a talented concert artist in the community. By the time he reached his twenties he was recognized as a prolific pianist, composer, and orchestra conductor. But then he began to lose his hearing. Soon his fingers became so calloused he barely felt the piano keys. He kept it all a secret until he reached his fifties when he became stone deaf. But before it was all over, Ludwig von Beethoven wrote nine majestic symphonies, five concertos for piano, not to mention numerous pieces of chamber music, as well as sonatas and scores for violin and piano. His masterful works of unique harmony broke with the traditions of his times, and can be heard on concert stages around the world even to this day. The same with David, whose fingers once strummed a harp, but now had become calloused with climbing rocks and wielding a sword, but he held on to his belief that God was watching over him and would not let him fail as long as he was faithful to his calling.

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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