The compilers of the Psalter continue collecting psalms that glorify God as the ruler of heaven and earth. They speak about a restoration of God’s power and presence in the midst of His people, giving them plenty to shout about and praise Him. Such a restoration took place when the exiles returned from Babylon to rebuild Jerusalem and renovate the broken-down temple. After all, God was their reason for existing and their reason for being who they were. The prophet Haggai tells us that Zerubbabel, the governor of Judah, and Joshua the high priest, were told how God planned to restore His glory. That was enough inspiration for one of the temple musicians to write this psalm of thanksgiving and praise.

Sing a brand new song to the LORD Eternal as we celebrate the miracles and victories He has given us through His power! The LORD Eternal has proven Himself to be a mighty Deliverer, especially when unbelievers were watching to see if He stands up for those falsely accused. His undying love and blessed assurance for His children was at stake, because He wanted the world to see what a One True God He is. So let all believers around the world burst forth with joyful praise to the LORD Eternal. Yes, let us all sing hymns of praise to the LORD Eternal, as the music plays. Then let the cornets and trumpets announce the coming in the King, the LORD Eternal. Also let nature join in with the saints as they applaud the arrival of the LORD Eternal, when He comes to rule the earth. Yes, He is coming to rule and reign the whole world with fairness and justice.” Psalm 98:1-8

Reflection: In the 1980 Winter Olympics games at Lake Placid, N.Y., nobody gave the rag-tag group of U.S. amateur hockey players any chance of winning a gold medal. But through grit and determination they got to the finals against the mighty semi-professional Russian team. With the cold war at its peak, it gave the match a special meaning. The Americans fell behind the Russians early, but in the last period the U.S. captain scored the go-ahead goal. With the final second’s ticking off, all Americans saw the impossible become possible. People cheered in the streets, on sidewalks, in malls; jumping up and down in their homes, honking their car horns, and waving flags in celebration when the American team won in an unbelievable upset. If such a passing earthly event can bring this much joy, how much more will the coming of the King of Heaven to restore peace and justice throughout the world bring people to their feet, with hands raised and clapping to welcome Him! As exiles from heaven living in this world, we sometimes wonder if it will ever take place, but we have His promise that it will happen when the Messiah returns to rule and reign a thousand years. But we need not wait till that day arrives, we can start celebrating now the soon return of our coming King of Glory. One more thing to keep in mind: as recipients of the blessing for this event and beneficiaries of His arrival we must be citizens of His kingdom. Please make sure that your name is on the list in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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