After the new Tabernacle was erected in the wilderness, and all of the holy vessels were made as designed by the LORD, including the altars, oil lamps, Ark of the Covenant, and the Holy of Holies, Moses and Aaron went in to initiate worship services so the children of Israel could see and feel the presence of God Almighty. And when they emerged, the glory of the LORD appeared; fire came out from the presence of the LORD and consumed the burnt offering on the altar. When the people saw this they shouted for joy and fell face-down before the Tabernacle. It seems that Moses was so awestruck by what he witnessed, that with Miriam’s help he composed this psalm for future generations to sing about the day when the whole world will see the glory of the LORD.

When the LORD Eternal comes to reign; every believer everywhere will give Him a ringing shout of praise! He will come carried by awesome clouds; honesty and justice will be His key principles of authority; surrounded by a consuming fire His enemies will surrender on all sides; bolts of lightning from His presence will light up the sky; the world will step back in awe at the sight of Him; mountains will melt like wax at the appearance of the LORD Eternal, our Heavenly Master; the sky will be illuminated by His majesty, and every nation will see His splendor. All those who worship images and pride themselves in their idols, will be humbled as all their deities fall over in front of Him. O LORD Eternal, believers everywhere will shout for joy because You did what You said You would do. That’s because, O LORD Eternal, you are the One True God of the universe; You stand above all other deities. Those who love the LORD Eternal hate evil; that’s why He guards their lives and will rescue them from the dominion of the evil-minded of this world. He gives understanding to whose wanting to live right, and joy to those with decent hearts. So rejoice in the LORD Eternal all of you who live by His Word; yes, give grateful praise at the mere mention of His name.” Psalm 97:1-12

Reflection: In northern Canada, Europe and Asia lives a small mammal called the ermine. Known for its wintry snow-white fur, it instinctively protects its white coat against anything that might soil it. Instead of setting traps, fur hunters take advantage of this unusual trait to catch it by finding its home, then smearing the entrance and interior with dirty grime. Once they let the dogs loose to chase the ermine down, it naturally flees toward its home, but refuses to enter because of the filth. Rather than soil its white coat it gets cornered and captured. In so doing, the ermine considers its purity more precious than life. What a wonderful illustration for believers who oft times when ridiculed and persecuted because of their holy way of living, to remain true to their convictions instead of choosing momentary protection by getting involved in some word or deed they otherwise would consider filthy and unclean, just to stop the hounding by unbelievers. We see this same principle in a prayer written many centuries ago that reads: “Lord, please make me an instrument of Your attributes. Let me share Your Divine Power by having great faith in You so that You can manifest Your Glory. Let me share Your Divine Wisdom, so that I may know You, so that I may live to do Your Divine Will and to serve You with great understanding of my brothers and sisters. Let me share Your Divine Love, so that I can truly love You as You deserve…Let me be a true reflection of Your attributes in everything that I think, speak and do. Let me see with Your eyes, let me speak with Your mouth, let me hear always Your Divine Word, let me work with Your hands, let me walk with Your feet so that I may live in Your Glorious Presence spreading joyfully Your Love everywhere I go physically and spiritually. Let me share Your Divine Spirit until I become one with You. Just remember, each time you are tempted to compromise, utter these words, “He’s coming soon!”

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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