The main thing David learned during King Saul’s constant pursuit to get rid of him, was how to pray. Having to run from one hiding place to another, caused David’s faith in God’s anointing through the prophet Samuel to be tested over and over again. But in so doing, God became David’s best friend and confidant. So instead of facing his tribulations with anxiety and fear, David developed a stronger faith in accepting God’s way of handling such challenges.

O LORD Eternal, I’m confident that You know I’m being honest with You, so I ask You to listen carefully to what I’m about to say; I will not try to deceive You. I believe You’ll do the right thing in my case; because You can’t be fooled by pretense. When You spoke to my conscience during the night, helping me to examine my heart to see if I was trying to hide anything, I determined that I wasn’t going to say anything I would later regret. I plan to conduct myself in line with what You taught me, that way I won’t end up making a fool of myself as others have done. You put me on Your pathway where it’s harder to stumble. That’s why I’m turning to you, O my Sovereign King, for I believe You will answer me and help me because You know the story I’m telling You is true. So show Your steadfast love for me in a special way; proving that You are the one who reaches out without hesitation to help those running to You for protection. Guard me like the apple of Your eye, wrapping me warmly in Your arms.” Psalm 17:1-8

Reflection: On Sunday, March 13, 1904, the governments of Argentina and Chile dedicated a statue of Christ in Uspallata Pass, high in the Andes Mountains, directly on the Argentine-Chilean border to commemorate a series of peace treaties. In 1937 a plaque was added with this inscription: “Sooner shall these mountains crumble into dust than Argentines and Chileans break the peace sworn at the feet of Christ the Redeemer.” But within weeks Chileans began to protest because Christ’s back was turned toward Chile. Tempers rose and soon threatened to destroy everything. But a quick thinking newspaperman saved the day by writing an editorial that not only satisfied the Chileans but actually made them smile. He simply said, “The people of Argentina need more watching than the Chileans.” To paraphrase a famous quote from Chuck Swindoll, President of Dallas Theological Seminary: Other people are 10% of what happens to us, and 90% is how we react to them. So instead of getting upset and worried when things go wrong and unwanted disruptions complicate your life, and start believing that God doesn’t care or isn’t watching your situation, think like the Psalmist and the Chilean newspaperman: God doesn’t have to watch you constantly to see if you’re going to make it because He fears you will give up and quit. He trusts you so much that He’s willing to let whatever the devil may bring against you to happen because He knows you’ll stand fast and remain faithful to the mission He gave you.”

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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