David penned many wonderful psalms, and when compilers collected them, some were so good they classified them as being worth their weight in gold. They recognized that if they wanted to inspire people to remain faithful and loyal, they had to choose the writings of someone who had gone through the fire; went through the flood; experienced unimaginable difficulties, but yet survived. After facing many such trials and challenges, David developed a motto for his life, and this Psalm proved worthy to be etched on a pillar erected in his honor, hence it became known as a Golden Psalm. The ancients also tell us that the first sentence was etched into the crown David wore.

My Sovereign King, You’re all I want; You’re the only One I hold on to. I openly confess, You are my Divine Master; You owe me nothing. Likewise, I want only the best for all the gallant believers throughout our land. But when it comes to those who do not acknowledge You, may they be sorely disappointed. I not only refuse to join in their ungodly activities, but decline to even discuss it with them. O LORD Eternal, I won’t let You go because You’re the One who guarantees my future. Life’s been good to me in so many ways: food on my table and a roof over my head. But You get all the credit O LORD Eternal, because of Your advice in letting me know when a change needed to be made in my life. Each day I sense Your presence, walking with me; making sure I’m on the right track. That’s why I’m full of joy, yes, I’m all excited and have such blessed assurance in my soul. You won’t abandon me, even when I die; You won’t let the one who has been faithful to you die lost. You will keep me on the path to eternal life; and having You walk with me each day is pure joy; I get happy just holding Your hand.” Psalm 16:1-11

Reflection: A wealthy Persian named Ali Hafed living in India owned a very large estate with orchards, grain fields, and gardens. One day a visiting Buddhist priest showed him a diamond and told him how much richer he’d be if he owned a diamond mind. So out of greed Ali sold his plantation and went in search of diamonds. He traveled the world over but found none. Eventually he became so poor, hungry and defeated that he committed suicide by throwing himself off a boat into the sea. One day the man who bought Ali’s manor led his camel into the garden to drink. He saw a sparkle of light in the sand at the bottom of the stream. When he pulled out the object he discovered it was a diamond. His find led to the famous diamond mine of Golcanda, the most magnificent diamond mine in history. Had Ali stayed home and dug in his own garden, he would have possessed acres of diamonds. Often we go chasing after supposed spiritual remedies or solutions based on other people’s opinions. God went out of His way to provide us with all we need right where we are. It’s our option to keep our eyes open to see it, or close them and go off on a fruitless journey.

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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