I read this story about Renelene Jay S. Camba recently; I hope it brings you more faith as it did me. She wrote – in English with a strong Filipino influence – I would love to share a bit about myself. I am a Filipina, age 27, who experienced a Miracle from above. In 2016 I felt like a lost sinner. Though I already knew about Jesus, I disregarded it until December 2016. I was preparing at that time for a competition then something happened. That was the second and maybe the most frightening moment of my life. I started having difficulty breathing. I felt that could be the end of my life.

So we went to the hospital, where a nurse gave me oxygen. I thought it would pass, and I would be back to normal. Then the second day came, but it was worse. When we went to another hospital for an X-ray and EKG purposes, suddenly, everything went black as though I had been knocked out. I was unconscious for a while. Then I became conscious that I was already in the emergency room and stayed there until the end of December. Then January of 2017 came. I was still sick. Then they find out I have Pneumonia and Acute Gastritis.

February came, and they found out I also have Potassium deficiency. I felt so hopeless that I was in bed the whole day, then the whole week, and then a whole month. I can’t get out of bed when I need to get to the comfort room. My family were always there to accompany me in standing up. But that was not all the sickness I had. We found out later in April that I also have Hyperthyroidism. Imagine me at that time. I can’t even walk on my own. I felt so hopeless that I always asked my father these: “When will it stop?” and “When will He take me?” He said, “If He really wanted to take you now, He would have done it in December to April when you had your worst attacks.”

I just cried. I ask help from the Lord. I was crying a lot and every day I prayed a lot that He will heal me someday. Every day was very challenging because it was really difficult to breathe. I was wondering, “Why am I still alive?”  So, when May came, I had the worst attacks. I felt my heart was pounding so heavily that I couldn’t make any move other than lying in bed all day at home. I already said my goodbyes to my mom and dad. I told them that I was and will always be glad that they are my parents. Their prayers have not been in vain because God heard it all. And the very special thing that we could impart to our family is FAITH. And that was the things I see in my parents. Having faith to God. So, I thanked them.

Finally, my father said to me, “What do you want us to do for you? Shouldn’t we fight for life? Let’s push forward.” So, I decided it was time to go back to the hospital. We went there. And that night, May 9, 2017, something amazing happened. I had a visitor named Gabrielle. She had with her a friend named “Almera”. After Gabrielle had already introduced Almera, she went out of the room immediately. So, Almera is a worship leader. I had a feeling that God delivered them to me. I felt happiness, even though I’m in an oxygen tent and bedridden. I felt hope was coming inside of the room. The joy in me started whispering. So, everything she said, I immediately believe. She had something of a product with her that also ended her 2-year abdomen suffering. She got healed using it, but she felt it was God that led her to this product. It was introduced to her by a Pastor. So, she also endorsed it to me.

I remember her saying, “Don’t give up cause God is not giving up on you.” I was having tears of joy hearing those from her. Overjoyed that I couldn’t contain my happiness showing in my very face. My father was looking at me those times and he immediately bought me those they have endorsed.

On the third day in the hospital, I got out. Amazing. They have been praying for me. And they looked after me every single week. Every day they texted me if I was alright. I was very thankful that God used their lives to bring glory in His name. Now I am already healed. With all those sicknesses, there is nothing impossible with God. As long as you believe in His plans. If your life is still on a mission to accomplish, God will set forth a road for you to keep up. I hope my story could help your site. To God be the glory!

We learn from Renelene’s story that God doesn’t always do things in the way that we pray for or expect. The one constant thing is FAITH which works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. So, as her father told her, “Let’s push forward.” In other words, God has worked out His plan for us so let’s start living as though the healing has already started.

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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