No doubt you’ve heard people talk about having “peace of mind” and perhaps listened to the song, “Let there be peace on earth.”[1] But in numerous instances, it’s only a matter of “ceasefire,” and our tensions remain high. So, here are some words that may help us understand more about having the peace we all think about and desire.

When God gives yon inward and outward peace, you can believe that He who has begun this good work in you will continue until the day of our Lord’s return.[2] You need then to make use of peaceful days to grow in recollection. Also, you ought to sing with your whole heart the Amen and Alleluia that reecho in the heavenly Jerusalem; this is a token of continual acceptance of God’s will and the unreserved sacrifice of your will to His.

At the same time, you should listen inwardly to God with a heart free from all flattering prejudices of self-love and self-pity, so that you may faithfully receive His light as to anything that needs correction. Then, as soon as He points these out, yield without argument or excuse, and give up whatever touches the jealous love of our coming Bridegroom without hesitation.

Those who yield to the Spirit in this manner will see imperfection in their purest deeds and an ever-growing measure of refined evil in their hearts. All this leaves us in dismay so that we cry out that only God is good. We strive to correct ourselves calmly and simply but continuously and steadfastly, and we do so even more because our heart is undivided and peaceful. We depend on nothing as to ourselves and hope only in God. Furthermore, we give way neither to self-delusion nor to carelessness. We know that God never fails us, though we often fail Him. We yield ourselves entirely to grace, and above all things dread any resistance to it. Not only that, but we blame ourselves without being discouraged. We cope with ourselves while striving to improve.[3]

Archbishop François Fénelon


[1] Let There be Peace on Earth, written by Jill Jackson/Sy Miller and sung by Vince Gill

[2] Philippians 1:6

[3] Fénelon, François: Paraclete Giants, The Complete Fénelon, Translated and Edited by Robert J. Edmonson, Paraclete Press, Brewster, Massachusetts, 2008, pp. 52-53; Vocabulary and grammar redacted by Dr. Robert R Seyda

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