By Dr. Robert R. Seyda


CHAPTER TWO (Lesson LXXV) 07/07/21

A Summary of Chapter Two

The Apostle John wrote his First Epistle to give followers of the Anointed One knowledge to appreciate Him as Lord and Savior. The epistle breaks down how God wants them to live.

First and foremost, they are to avoid sinning. John said that when we do sin, Jesus is there on our behalf as to make things right. However, by following in the Living Word and obeying God’s commandments, the believer chooses to lead an enlightened life. According to John, this life will prove to be fruitful in the Kingdom of Heaven.

John then tells the followers of Anointed One to love one another and make every effort to behave in a God-like manner. Next, he warns the reader against believing in false prophets and those that do not obey God’s Word. Finally, John warns about many misled believers and how they will try to take credit for the glory that God has given to them.

The Apostle continues to give a series of warnings regarding things that one should not love. Followers of Anointed One, John said, should not lust after one another, put great importance on material items, or believe that they are better than their fellow man. This type of love leads to sinful ways and disobedience of God’s commands.

John describes some of the things that believers can do to make sure they are following the Lord. First, believing in the words of the Scripture and, second, obeying those words are pleasing to God. In addition, John said that living right in God’s eyes will lead to the security of your soul, and letting the truth live inside causes you to act like God even more.

But also, Christian fellowship includes following the Anointed One as our advocate. John does not want believers to sin. However, if and when they do, he wants them to know there is an advocate: Jesus the Anointed One covered the sins of all the world. Those who keep His commandments are demonstrating that they genuinely know the Anointed One. However, those who do not keep His commands, but say they have fellowship with Him, are liars. Those who stay in union with the Anointed One, and live on earth the way He did, give evidence that they are “in” Him.

Believers are also strongly commanded to love one another. It was not a new commandment, but one given from the beginning by the Anointed One. Hate for one’s spiritual brother or sister is incompatible with continued fellowship with the Anointed One. The Scriptures often say that agape-love is the most critical sign that the world uses to identify an anointed believer. Those who love their fellow Christian brothers and sisters show they are “in the light.”  John’s writing includes an important poetic section in verses twelve to fourteen.

Furthermore, believers are not to love or be in love with the world. It refers to those who prefer worldly, ungodly things to Godly things. “The world” is a phrase often used to refer to humanity’s sinful, material attitudes. That’s why anyone who loves the world more than they love the Anointed One proves that the love of the Father is not in them. Such attitudes are not from the Father but from the world.

John called his era the “last hour.” Believers again are warned against teachings of “antichrists,” or false teachers. These liars deny Jesus is the Anointed One. Also, John calls on believers to remember their position as part of God’s family. They are to stay in union with Him, so they will not be ashamed when He returns. Those who do what is right in God’s eyes are said to be born “of Him.”

END NOTE: I want to thank all my precious and dedicated readers for being so faithful to God’s Holy Word. A person can learn so much if we read and listen with open spiritual eyes, open hearts, open minds, and great anticipation. I’m sure you are going to love the Apostle John’s third chapter. Our exciting journey will begin on Monday, July 12, 2021. God bless you!  I hope to see you there!

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