By Dr. Robert R. Seyda

Introduction to Chapter Five

Paul’s Letter to the Congregations in Galatia

We have finished chapter four of Galatians, now we are ready to start our fantastic journey through chapter five. There are a whole lot of wonderful things to discover in this portion of Paul’s letter to the congregations there.

This chapter is the heart of Paul’s communication to the Galatians about their misstep in following the teachings of those intruders who came down from Jerusalem to persuade them to change course, telling them to stop by and collect the Law of Moses before they continued on to the Cross of Jesus. That way, they could carry them both on their way to eternal life.

So, it is no wonder he begins by reminding them that it was the Anointed One who set them free from the long arm of the Law. Therefore, stay free, don’t get tied up again in the Law’s tentacles so that they once again became slaves to its demands and curse. It is at this point that he brings up circumcision that served as a sign of their calling into God’s chosen people and heirs of His promises to Abraham. They have a new sign; the Law is now written on their hearts, and God’s Holy Spirit was given to them as a pledge of eternal life.

This then becomes the battleground for believers: those who trust in the Law given to Moses and those who trust in the Anointed One who brought the Gospel. This is further defined in living and conducting one’s life by the power of the Law or living by the power of the Gospel. We know this as the “Works of the Flesh, and the “Fruit of the Spirit.” Works are the product of our sinful nature, and Fruit is the produce of our spiritual nature. They cannot exist in harmony; one will dominate the other. So, it is up to the Galatians – and all believers – to decide which one will be in control of their lives.

This part of Galatians so intrigued me and captured my deep interest and attention that I chose it as the subject of my doctoral dissertation. I’ve learned so much more that I wished I could write it over again. That’s why the good Lord gave me the desire of my heart and allowed me to do that here in this commentary. I hope that it will open wide your spiritual eyes to see things you’ve never seen before. Not just for your edification, but to share with others.

So, I want to thank all of you who have faithfully read the lessons up until now. I prayed for God to bless you because of your dedication to His word. I genuinely believe you will enjoy this next chapter. Remember, if you have any questions or want a more thorough explanation, ask them on our group page: “Called to Live in Freedom” so that I can answer them for you and others who may have the same questions.

Once again, not only are you precious in God’s sight, but you are precious to me. That’s why I love all of you so much.  We will begin our journey through chapter five on Monday, March 16, 2020. May God bless and reward you for your studies. – Dr. Robert R Seyda

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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