Lynn Townsend White Jr.(1907-1987), an American historian from Princeton, argued that Judeo-Christian values are responsible for ecological disaster and climate change. He states, “The victory of Christianity over paganism was the greatest psychic revolution in the history of our culture…. By destroying pagan animism, Christianity made it possible to exploit nature in a mood of indifference to the feelings of natural objects.” That was back in 1967. That was 52 years ago. So, have things changed?

Yes, they have. Today, we can see the resurrection of paganism exerting itself through secular liberalism and has now become more overtly “religious.” For example, a liberal seminary encouraged its students to skip classes to pray and confess sins in front of potted plants; others gathered in the forest asking trees for forgiveness; and another group dressed in funeral garb, mourned the impending death of a glacier. And with the latest prediction that the earth will be destroyed in 12 years, even young children are brought to tears pleading with their elders to do something to stop the oncoming Armageddon caused by climate change.

Is all of this new? No! The Apostle Paul wrote about this in his letter to the Romans where he talked about paganism in his day. He complained that they refused to believe that God created the heavens and the earth and controls them by His power. Said Paul, “They worship and serve created things rather than the creator who is forever praised. Amen.” So, this effort to control earth’s climate, it appears that some people want to take control of the earth’s atmospheric bad behavior when they cannot even control their own bad behavior.[1]

If nothing else, the last few years should be enough to prove that Western civilization, a product of more than 1,500 years of Judeo-Christian values, is facing its most significant and sustained challenge in centuries from tribalistic paganism, a force that seeks not only to turn back time but essentially to destroy the entire current structure. But first of all, they must somehow disprove the first verse in the Bible as being true, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”[2] – Dr. Robert R. Seyda

[1] Romans 1:25

[2] By Sumantra Maitra, The Federalist, September 2019

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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