With us being in springtime, after I read this short poem I felt like sharing it with all of you. It’s short, but sweet. Yes, it’s small but its message is very large. I hope it blesses your heart as it did mine.

I got a dozen roses from a friend the other day

But I only have one left, for I gave them all away.

I gave one to my sister, who to me is very dear

In the hopes that it will bring to her a little floral cheer.

I took one to a friend who’s not feeling very well

The flower or the visit, which helped more I could not tell.

The rest went to the ones who’ve helped me in so many ways

They have been a cheerful presence on my dreariest of days.

The roses were so pretty, I just could not keep them all

Except one single rosebud, standing beautiful and tall.

My friend gave me the flowers to help brighten up my day

But the biggest joy I received was giving them away.

–Author Unknown–

I’ve visited homes and been around friends when I’ve seen a child being given a hand full of candy or M&Ms, and when the other children came with their hands out this child clenched their hand, turned away, and with a scowl on their face said, “No, they’re mine!”

But I’ve also witnessed when a child was given a bag full of candy, and without waiting or being coached they immediately started handing them out, not only to the other children but also to the adults in the room. Why do some children, when they are given an ice cream cone, after taking a few licks then hold it up their parent’s mouth as if to say, “Taste it, it’s good!” That’s because anything that tastes good or makes a person feel good is certainly something any person would want to share. If this is true of roses, candy, or ice cream, then Jesus should be at the top of the list of things we want to share with others. Remember this, anything that you received as a gift, must be given to others as a gift, in order to spread the joy of giving. – Dr. Robert R. Seyda

About drbob76

Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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