There was something in this short story that caused me to reflect on how a child understands what we as parents mean when we talk about our church, the preacher’s message, and special days on which we celebrate Jesus and His life here on earth. So I want to share it with you as during this Easter Season.

Author and Guidepost contributor Marci Alborghetti mentioned that she usually deletes those e-mails forwarded to her with cute or sentimental stories without even reading them. She receives so many, and when it comes to Internet posts that are meant to impress she just doesn’t have the time. But for some reason, she read the one received on Palm Sunday.

It went like this: A little boy who was forced to stay home from church with dad because he developed a bad cold. When the service was over and his mom and older sister came home, she was waving her palm frond in the air singing “Hosanna, Hosanna…” “What’s that?” asked the little boy quizzically.

“Oh,” she answered, “they gave us these at church so we could wave them in the air and then lay them on the ground to welcome Jesus.”

The boy looked at her in horror and then started sobbing and crying. His mother quickly went over and held him and asked what was wrong? “Did your big sister say something that upset you?” Through his tears and without opening his eyes he sobbed, “The one Sunday I don’t get to go to church, Jesus shows up!”

It should be a foregone conclusion for adults and children that Jesus shows up at our churches every time we meet – if we let Him in. That’s because when we go to church He goes with us in our hearts and in our minds. Some people have been waiting for Him to come for a long time. But He’s already here, waiting to take up residence in our hearts. That’s what happened when we receive Him as our Lord and Savior. We welcome Him with joy and jubilation. The word “Hosanna” means, “Save us now!” And when we cry to Him to save us He will.

But just as Palm Sunday is joyous, it begins one of the most harrowing, tragic, grief-stricken weeks in Jesus’ life. But it ends with one of the most joyous and exciting days of the year. Once Jesus enters our lives He can take us by the hand as we begin our journey with Him. And when we have joy-filled days with Him guiding us we can rejoice, but also, when we have dark and desperate days, we can be filled with blessed assurance because He is always with us. – Dr. Robert R Seyda

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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