When I read this story I found myself thinking whether I should take this as a made-up fishing tale or to accept it as another one of those miracles that only a child’s faith is able to believe and grasp. Since the real names of people and places were given, I decided to receive it as a true story.

Howard County Sheriff Jerry Marr got a disturbing call one Saturday afternoon, His six-year-old grandson, Mikey, was hit by a car while fishing with his dad just outside Greentown, Indiana. They were near a bridge on the bank of the Kokomo Reservoir when a woman lost control of her car, slid off the bridge and hit Mikey at a rate of about 50 mph.

Sheriff Marr’s pulse began to race, he saw the results of many such accidents like this and feared the worst. When he finally got to Saint Joseph Hospital, he rushed through the emergency room to find Mikey conscious and in fairly good spirits.

“Mikey, what happened?” Sheriff Marr asked breathlessly. Mikey replied calmly, ‘Well, Papaw, I was fishin’ with Dad, and some old lady ran me over with her car. It knocked me into a big mud-puddle and broke my fishin’ pole, so I didn’t get a chance to catch a fish!”

As it turned out, the impact with the care sent Mikey flying about 500 feet, over some small trees and an embankment, landing right in the middle of a large puddle of mud. His only injuries occurred when the car smashed into him and broke his right femur bone in two places. Mikey underwent surgery to place pins in his leg. Otherwise, the boy was shaken up but just fine.

All the boy talked about was that his fishing rod got broken, so while he was in surgery, Sheriff Marr went out to Wall-Mart and bought him a new one so he could give it to him when he came out. The next day, the Sheriff sat in the hospital room with Mikey keeping him company. Mikey was enjoying his new fishing pole and talked about when he could go fishing again, as he cast the hook into the trash can.

When they were alone, young Mikey turned to his grandfather and asked him matter-of-factly, “Papaw, did you know that Jesus is a real person?” Being somewhat startled by the sudden question, Sheriff Marr stuttered a little as he replied, “Ye, ye, yes! I believe Jesus is real. But He’s only real to people who believe in Him and love Him.” “Why do you ask?” Papaw inquired somewhat quizzically.

I mean, do you really believe that Jesus is a real person?” asked Mikey again. “What do you mean?” asked the Sheriff? “I mean, that now I know He’s a real man because I saw him,” explained Mikey somewhat nonchalantly while still casting his fishing hook toward the recycle bin. Now sitting up straight and with eyebrows raised, the Sheriff looked at him said seriously, “’You did!” “When?”

Mikey kept casting his fishing line and continued. “When that lady hit me and I went flyin’ up into the air, but just before I hit the ground I saw Jesus and He caught me in His arms, walked me over to the middle of the mud puddle and laid me down in the water.

I don’t doubt but what Sheriff Marr felt tears well-up in his eyes. His grandson saw something he dreamed of seeing ever since he made Jesus Lord of his life. Then a sense of thrill and joy filled his heart when he realized that he did see Jesus through his grandson’s eyes. If that was one of my grandkids I surely would have felt the same way. And as I finished reading this story I was so glad that our Lord still reveals Himself at the right time and right place so that we witness miracles of this kind so that we also can say, “I just saw Jesus!” – Dr. Robert R Seyda

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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