The great American psychologist, Abraham H. Maslow, once stated that the thing most necessary to change a person is to change their awareness of themselves. This is made even more forcefully when we add, among others.

How true this is! For instance, the entrance/exit areas of our auditorium church empty out to walkways alongside the sanctuary that lead to the parking lots. I’m always amazed at how many people stop and begin visiting, or in the doorways and in the middle of the walkway just outside the doors. (We’re talking about 2,500 worshipers). It’s as though they are oblivious to all those trying to squeeze by to get around them. I”m not saying that there’s anything wrong in parishioners visiting after the service, but be aware of others who need to go their way.

The same thing happens on the highway. Often, on a fast moving three or four-lane freeway a car out in the fast-car-lane will suddenly swerve right to get across to the innermost lane in order to exit. The first thought that goes through my mind is, “If they knew where they were going, and they knew their exit is coming up soon, why did they wait until the last minute to veer over into the right lane so they could exit? Maybe, they have their mind on other things or doing something as careless as looking at the cell phone. That’s why as soon as I enter a freeway, I know exactly what lane will be the one that leads me to my exit. So I get in that lane, stay in that lane, and leave the freeway in that lane. I don’t put anyone around me at risk by suddenly having to change lanes at the last second.

I’ve also noticed this when driving through town in the business area where there are plenty of shops, restaurants, gas stations, etc., and happen to be in the right lane because it will take me where I need to go, but all of a sudden have to slam on the brakes because the car in from of me decides to turn into a parking area. They didn’t turn their turn signal to warn those behind them or even slow down in order to make the turn until the last second. Not only that, but they only get halfway into their turn and the car’s rear end is blocking me, and those behind me, from going around them because of the cars next to me in the left lane. It’s as though they have no idea they are backing up traffic, making them miss the green light up ahead. It must be that in their world there is only one person in one car on the road.

The same goes for us, our spouses, families, neighborhoods, church attendees, and so on. Remember, every move you make will affect some person or persons around you. They will be able to tell if you were expecting to make that move, or if it catches you off guard because your mind was on other things? Was it part of your plan all along or the component of a quick last-minute decision, notion, or idea? Do you know how that will cause every around you to change course?

So as you get up each day, have a plan ready. And if you have some things to do that will affect those around you, let them know so they can be prepared to stop or adjust to the change. The more they see that you don’t care what your changes do to them, the more they will become convinced that you simply don’t care much about them and where they’re trying to do. – Dr. Robert R Seyda

About drbob76

Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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