Imagine a long, long time ago, a very wealthy and powerful man was looking for a wife. He had his eye on the granddaughter of a very close friend of his. As he watched her grow and mature, he loved her even more. Things seemed to be going well, but then they took an unfortunate turn.

After his good friend died, the girl decided to move away into another country because things were life was becoming very hard where they were. Upon arrival, she was treated somewhat harshly, but because of her honesty and integrity, things got better, much better. In fact, she was given a high position within that country leader’s administration.

But then that leader died, and the next leader did not like the fact that this girl had come into the county and been given such a position of authority. So in a short time, she was reduced to nothing more than becoming a slave girl. When her wealthy and powerful suitor heard about it, he became distraught and decided on getting her out of that situation.

So he found an ex-prince from that country and persuaded him to go back as an emissary and bargain with the leader for her freedom. He promised to give him whatever he needed to gain her release. The ex-prince reluctantly agreed. But the bargaining did not go smoothly. Each time the leader would agree but then at the last minute change his mind, a calamity of some sort would hit the country. This went on for some time, but finally, a tragedy happened, and many people mysteriously died, including the leader’s oldest son.

That was enough, so he agreed to let the girl go. So the emissary helped the girl escape and told her he was taking her to meet the man who helped set her free because he wanted to marry her so they could settle down in the beautiful country where her grandfather once lived. Her groom-to-be promised to give the whole land to her as a wedding gift.

But on the trip, the emissary noticed that this otherwise lovely girl had a mean streak. Whenever things didn’t go her way, she would get upset and start making demands. She threatened to go back to where she had been a slave if they weren’t given to her. But the emissary persuaded her that would be a terrible choice.

One day the wealthy groom told his emissary to meet him at a mountain retreat where he would give him the marriage contract. So the emissary informed the bride-to-be and asked here to not try and follow him because she could get hurt. After spending some time with the wealthy man, the emissary returned with the wedding contract. But upon arrival at the camp where the girl was staying, he was flabbergasted.

While he was away, she had taken all her jewelry and made an image of a man she had eyes for back in the land where she lived as a slave. The emissary saw her praying in front of this image, promising to love this man the rest of her life. The emissary was so angry he tore up the marriage contract. When word reached the wealthy man, he too was very distressed and told his emissary that if she was going to act that way, then he would let her die right where she was. But the emissary interceded, and the future groom agreed to keep her as his bride. So the emissary had to write a new marriage contract.

The story goes on to say that after they married and settled down in the land of her grandfather, the girl would go from loving him to being unfaithful to him with many lovers. As a matter of fact, he sent one of his loyal sons with a letter, telling her that he considered her as nothing more than an adulterous and unfaithful wife.1 In fact, he even sent her a certificate of divorce.2 In fact, he also wrote a story about their relationship for one of his other sons to read to her.3 Yet, he could not bring himself to just abandon her to her own ways because he knew what a dreadful end that would bring.

So now after many, many years, he came up with a plan he had once told her about long ago, he decided to seek someone else to be his wife. It was a woman who lived in another country; one with whom he had not had a close relationship with. He planned to make his ex-wife so jealous that she would come running back to him. But it didn’t work. So since they were divorced, he married this other woman who loved him very much. But instead of this making her envious, she resented him even more for doing this.

So one more time he sent an emissary to her to plead with her to let him still take care of her and provide for her. But she let him know as long as that other woman was in the house she had no interest in their having a cordial relationship. It looked like it was all over. But this last emissary finally told her, that this man didn’t do things that way. He loved her from the beginning, and he would love her to the end.4

This my friends, this is the story within the story of Romans, Chapter Eleven. So beginning on Monday, April 23rd we will start examining this story verse by verse. I hope and pray you come along because there are many exciting insights you will gain from that relationship and how will eventually turn out. God bless you for being a faithful follower and student of God’s Word – Dr. Robert R Seyda

1 Jeremiah 2:23-25

2 Ibid. 3:1-8

Ezekiel 16:1-63

Deuteronomy 31:6

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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