After David became king of Israel and Judah, there were many who were not impressed with a man who spent so many years in the hills and caves like a fugitive running for his life. He was more like a maverick than of a monarch. Many did not go along with all of David’s decisions. They especially disliked his aggressive and combative ways against the Philistines and his overzealous worship of God as ruler and king of the land. Some wanted a more secular king, one who did not wear his religion on his sleeve and make them look bad because of his dedication, and putting God advice first in all his decisions. But David knew who had stood by him and brought him through again and again. So he devoted himself to pleasing his Master rather than man.

Why are so many nations experiencing civil unrest; why have their unbelieving leaders lost touch with reality. These leaders have become so arrogant that they are united in their efforts against the LORD Eternal and His Anointed. ‘Let’s get rid of their power over us,’ they say; ‘let’s free ourselves from their influence.’ But the One sitting on His throne on high, our Divine Master, just laughs at their foolishness. ‘Listen, all you leaders, wise up; start disciplining yourselves if you expect to continue governing your people! Submit yourselves to the LORD Eternal with reverence and awe as you kneel trembling before Him. Treat Him with all the respect He deserves; don’t cause Him to be upset with you, even for a moment, thereby running the risk of losing everything. Then count your blessings when you make Him the One you depend on for your life and safety.’” Psalm 2:1-4, 10-12

Reflection: A prairie farmer in a small town café out in the Midwest USA boasted openly in the presence of a local pastor as to why he didn’t need to attend church. “This year I plowed my fields on Sunday, planted my seeds on Sunday, sprayed the weeds on Sunday, and harvested my crops on Sunday. As a matter of fact, this past October I brought in my best harvest ever!” The minister knew the farmer was trying to provoke a response by suggesting that attending church on Sunday was not all that important, so he replied gently to him, “You know, God is not limited to Sunday. His displeasure for not respecting Him involves more than one day a week.”

In other words, the farmer thought God owned only one day of the week. That’s why some people don’t understand how believers can give Him their reverence every day of the week. We must remember, that not everybody is going to applaud and fully support what God has called us to do. Believe it or not, there are some people hate giving God more than one day a week. If they are asked to come to church several times a week, they feel that God is taking time that belongs to them. Following God’s guidelines, even at the expense of some personal wants and wishes cannot be compared to the heavenly reward awaiting those who remain faithful. Keep in mind, whatever goals we may select in life when they have God’s approval they are worth giving Him every day of our life. – Dr. Robert R Seyda

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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