Jonathan and Robert Loveall were the two sons of Andrew and Rebecca Loveall. Their parents served as missionaries in Central America, and administrators of a unique school, Escuela Integrada de Ninos Trabajadores. It was for street kids who helped support their families as shoeshine boys, souvenir sellers, tour guides, and food vendors for the tourist city of Antigua in Guatemala.

A few years ago, the three teens who attended the school, Elbert, Keven, and Arlyn, were babysitting Jonathan and Robert. Without warning, four masked robbers stormed into the Loveall home with guns. They tied up all five boys and threw them onto the kitchen floor. Then they began to ransack the house. In the middle of the robbery,  Andrew, the boys’ father, came home. The robbers shoved their guns to his face and demanded all of the family’s valuables! Usually, such home invasions end with the robbers killing all the witnesses.

Tied up on the floor, Keven, one of the babysitters, whispered, “Let’s all pray that Jesus will protect us and make the bad guys go away.” The five boys whispered their prayer together. Suddenly, for reasons that no one has ever explained, the robbers left without taking a thing. Why did they leave so abruptly? That’s what everybody kept asking themselves. Finally, little Robert, who was five at the time, said, “I know!” His father asked him to explain. Robert recounted: “Dad, when I was tied up on the floor, and we were all praying for you, Jesus told me not to worry. And so,” said Robert, ”that’s what I did. I quit worrying because he knew Jesus was going to take care of everything. And He did!

If a young child can have that much faith in such a dangerous situation, shouldn’t we be able to have at least that much faith when we encounter everyday troubles and difficulties? No wonder Jesus told His disciples that unless they began to believe like a young child, they would never make it all the way to heaven. – Dr. Robert R Seyda

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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