Here’s is a story written by Miss Vallie from Mobile, Alabama, that tells us something about God’s caring heart as our heavenly Father. She writes: Recently, as I was having my prayer time with God, I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray that God would bless my life that day. I know after studying the Prayer of Jabez that this is a Biblical prayer and we should pray this every day.1 But I had not really thought about praying this way for a while until this particular morning.

After my time with God, I went on about my day. That morning as I dressed for work, I put on navy blue pants. I had forgotten that my dog had chewed up my casual navy blue shoes, so I wore navy dress shoes instead, deciding to purchase some casual navy shoes during my lunch break. Arriving at work, I told a co-worker of my plans.

Although my job rarely takes me to the front office, this morning I needed to handle some matters there. As I walked past our reception area, I saw a woman who was working as a volunteer receptionist for the day coming in the front door. I held it open for her as she walked in and made a comment about the great big bag in her hand.

The lady proceeded to tell me that she had some shoes that her daughter wanted to give away and she thought she would bring them into our office and see if anyone there might want them. I looked down into the bag and right on top, I saw a wonderful pair of navy casual shoes that looked as if they had never been worn. Not only that, but they were exactly the style shoe that I was going to buy. By this point, there was no question in my mind as to what size they were going to be. Sure enough, they were exactly my size! As it so happens, also on my wish list was a pair of brown dress shoes. Wouldn’t you know, the perfect brown shoes were also in the bag.

I am just amazed at the hand of God! When I think of the timing and the circumstances that God had planned to get those shoes to me, just so that I could be blessed, I am overwhelmed. First, He had to have this woman’s daughter decide she wanted to get rid of these shoes. Secondly, our receptionist had to be out of town so that this woman would be coming in that day. Thirdly, this volunteer had to have the idea to bring them into the office and finally, I had to be in the office at just the right time to get them. Something so small has made a huge impact on my life. I told everyone I saw that day about how the hand of God had blessed me. What an awesome God!

What happened to this wonderful lady is not to be interpreted that God is some kind of Santa Claus or genie in a bottle who loves granting all our wishes no matter how frivolous. If you’ve had something like this happen to you, as I have, you know it’s God’s way of reminding us that He cares. And if we can trust Him to keep His eye open and ear turned toward us for something as pleasant as this, we must never doubt but that He will be our guide and guard during times of real need. But more than that, since we have such a gracious, caring God, now it’s our turn to show Him what He means to us and give back to Him. Not as a repayment for His goodness, but out of gratitude for His kindness, love, and mercy. So, what have you given Him lately? – Dr. Robert R Seyda

1 See 1 Chronicles 4:10

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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