The most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or touched – they are felt by the human heart.” These words were spoken by Miss Helen Keller who was born June 27, 1880, in the city of Tuscumbia, Alabama. Her father was a retired Confederate Army captain and editor of the local newspaper; her mother was an educated young woman from Memphis, Tennessee. When Keller was 19 months old, she was afflicted by an unknown illness, possibly scarlet fever or meningitis, which left her deaf and blind.

A young lady named Anne Sullivan came to Tuscumbia to be Helen’s teacher on March 3, 1887. She used a technique called “finger play,” in which she spelled the names of familiar objects into Helen’s hand. At first, Helen didn’t understand until one day Anne spelled the word “w-a-t-e-r” while pumping water over her hand. Later, Helen would write about this touching scene:

Suddenly I felt a misty consciousness as of something forgotten—a thrill of returning thought, and somehow the mystery of language was revealed to me. I knew then that “w-a-t-e-r” meant the wonderful cool something that was flowing over my hand. That living word awakened my soul, gave it light, hope, joy, set it free! …Everything had a name, and each name gave birth to a new thought. As we returned to the house every object which I touched seemed to quiver with life.

Perhaps we can understand this same principle if we were to apply it to the term “born again.” If you were to try and communicate that to a person who is blinded by sin and cannot see the light of God’s Word, they too will stare at you with a quizzical look, just like Nicodemus did when Jesus told him he needed to be born again to understand the Kingdom of God. But once they feel the love of God flow over their soul as it washes their sins away, then, and only then, will they be able to understand what those words mean. Just like Helen Keller said: “The most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or touched – they are felt by the human heart.” – Dr. Robert R Seyda

About drbob76

Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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