[I wrote this article some three years ago, and after reviewing it I wanted to share it with you again.]

What would you do if you were suddenly assigned the task of leading a large group of people out of being disconcerted, upset, downhearted, hard-headed, and wanting to give up and throw in the towel to defeat? Your success or failure would have a major impact on you as a leader, on your family, on your friends, and on those who are counting on you. Furthermore, you’ve never done anything quite like this before, especially with this magnitude.

Say you are a pastor, youth leader, group leader, Sunday school teacher, church administrator, Lay leader, or serve in any host of positions where strong and dedicated leadership is needed to move forward toward the goal God has placed in front of you. But you know it will not be easy; you also know that not everyone will respond enthusiastically to your leadership and may even try to discourage you.

Well, that’s what happened a long time ago to a spiritual leader named Moses. God had given him the assignment to take the children of Israel on to the Promised Land now that they had escaped the slavery of Egypt. But even more shockingly, God told Moses to do it on his own, that He was not going along because if He did the stubbornness and rebelliousness of the people might cause Him to destroy them.1 But in fairness, God also told Moses that He would send angels ahead of him to defeat all their enemies.

So Moses had to consider either turning God down and refusing to take the chance or going ahead with the risk. If he succeeded, it would make him look like a champion with streets, buildings, and statues named after him. Instead, Moses took another route. He went to God and said without any equivocation: If you don’t personally go with us, then I refuse to go! After all, these are Your people, and You are the one who called me, and this is what You want for them.2

God was so moved, that He vowed right then and there to Moses that His presence would go with him every step of the way and that He would ensure Moses complete peace of mind by always being right by his side. What a lesson for all of us when called on to lead. Regardless of how much we may know and no matter how many plans we make and how much consultation and guarantees we may get from others, we must be absolutely resolute that we will not take one step forward unless God’s presence goes with us each step of the way. – Dr. Robert R Seyda

1Exodus 33:3

2Ibid. 33:15ff

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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