Each time Jewish believers gather for the Passover Meal and after they drink from the third cup of wine, they then sing this psalm. In the previous psalm they exalted God because of what He did to liberate them from Egyptian slavery, including His power over nature. In this psalm they are asked to praise the LORD for their freedom and because of His superiority over the gods worshipped by pagans in the old country they left behind and the new land they conquered. They saw how these idols were venerated with reckless behavior and fanatic devotion, yet they were dead and powerless to respond. That’s why they celebrated their living God as supreme above all.

O LORD Eternal, it is You alone, not any of us, who is to be honored because of who You are; because of Your undying love, and because You can be trusted to never fail. Unbelievers should never be able to tease us with ‘Where’s your One True God now?’ There is no doubt, our One True God is over all and does whatever pleases Him. Besides, look at their man-made idols of silver and gold. They have mouths but can’t speak; they have eyes but can’t see; they have ears but can’t hear; they have noses but can’t smell; they have hands but can’t use them; and they have feet but can’t walk. Unfortunately, those who make such idols and put their complete trust in them, end up just as ineffective as they are. My fellow believers trust alone in the LORD Eternal, He’s the only one who can keep you going and help you survive. So let all His ministers show their absolute trust in the LORD Eternal because He is the one who will sustain and protect them. Let all who reverence the LORD Eternal show their absolute trust in the LORD Eternal as the one who will sustain and protect them. The LORD Eternal will always keep His eye on us so that He can bestow honor on all believers, and on all His ministers, and on all those who reverence the LORD Eternal whether they be leaders or followers. So I pray that the LORD Eternal will increase your number and those who follow you. May the LORD Eternal, the maker of heaven and earth, show you His favor. The LORD Eternal takes care of the heavens, but He turned over stewardship for the earth to mankind. You won’t be able to celebrate the LORD once you’re gone and lie silent in the grave. So let us bestow honor on the LORD from now on and into eternity. Hallelujah!” Psalm 115:1-18

Reflection: The University of Chicago Divinity School once promoted each year what they called “Baptist Day.” They ask students to bring their lunch to an outdoor picnic area and the school invited a popular lecturer to speak. One year, liberal theologian Dr. Paul Tillich was the guest speaker and spent two and one-half hours attempting to prove how Christ’s resurrection was a myth. He quoted liberal books and scholars to make his point, and then asked for questions. An older gentleman near the back of the courtyard stood up, and taking an apple out of his lunch bag begin speaking. “Dr. Tillich,” he said before taking a bite out of his apple, “I have a simple question.” After taking another bite from his apple, he continued, “I haven’t read any of those books you talked about,” then pausing he took another bite, “and I can’t recite the Scriptures in Greek,” followed by another bite, “and I don’t know that much about Reinhold Niebuhr and Martin Heidegger,” followed by yet another bite from his apple, “but I would like to know if the apple I just ate was sweet or sour?” Dr. Tillich paused and then somewhat annoyed responded by saying, “I cannot possible answer that question, I haven’t tasted your apple, sir.” The old man dropped the apple core into his sack and replied, “Neither have you tasted of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!” The audience of over 1,000 erupted into applause and cheers, to which Dr. Tillich responded by leaving the platform. The psalmist more or less makes the same point. Don’t be tempted to question God for who He is and turn to other sources to explain life and its meaning, until you’ve given Him an opportunity to show you who and what He is. Once He has convinced you, you will never doubt Him again.

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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