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After Moses led the Israelites through the channel provided by God in the Red Sea, he and his sister Miriam penned the song we find in Exodus 15. They end this psalm the same way they ended that song by acknowledging the LORD as the one and only true King; and unlike the Pharaohs of Egypt and the Kings of Babylon and Assyria, their heavenly King reigns forever and ever without end. After all, Moses was no ordinary man speculating on God’s greatness, he had been visited by the Most High and seen His glory in greater dimensions than any patriarch before him. It’s one thing to know about God, but it’s another thing to know God personally.

Our LORD Eternal reigns, dressed in robes of majesty and authority; for it was He who placed the earth in orbit and designed it to be immovable. His throne is permanently established, and has always been that way. Raging rivers may roar, O LORD Eternal; they may roar like thunder as they rush along. But greater than the roar of a rushing river; and mightier than the sound of huge waves crashing on rocky shores, is the power of the LORD Eternal. That’s why we can put our trust in everything You say, O LORD Eternal; and Your holiness beautifies Your sanctuary forever!” Psalm 93:1-5

Reflection: A man and his wife sat in the hospital visitor’s lounge waiting for their first granddaughter, named Zoe, to be born. She arrived prematurely weighing one pound, seven ounces. The neonatologist told them that she stood only a 5 to 10 percent chance of living more than three days. When called to view Zoe, they found her in an Isolette in the neonatal intensive care unit. She had two IV’s in her navel, one in her foot, a monitor on each side of her chest, with a respirator tube and a feeding tube in her mouth. She was so small that grandpa’s wedding ring slid up her arm all the way to her shoulder. Because her biological father abandoned her, grandpa became the surrogate father for the next several months. The head-nurse gave him the following suggestions: “Come every day to visit Zoe; rub her body, legs and arms with the tip of your finger. As you caress her gently, tell her over and over how much you love her. This way she will be able to associate your voice with your touch.” Zoe survived, and it’s no wonder now that grandpa is Zoe’s favorite person to hold her and tell her he loves her. God knew that Moses and the children of Israel needed both His voice and His touch to associate with His presence. He wanted them to gain confidence that He kept watch over them as their heavenly Father and King. So when He opened the Red Sea for them to cross, He established Himself as their Sovereign keeper, the one who ruled over heaven and earth. Many in our world today want to totally eliminate God from the scene. They renounce any notion that He influences world events or has any plan for earth’s inhabitants. Therefore, He doesn’t really exist. But true believers know that He is real; they want His influence in all facets of their everyday lives. That’s why a personal relationship with Him and faith in His word and promises cause us to join Rich Mullins in the song he wrote, “Our God is an Awesome God, He reigns from heaven above, with wisdom power and love, our God is an Awesome God.” I’m sure that Moses and Miriam would join in with a loud, “Amen!”

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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