The Psalmist was convinced that with the threat of an invasion by the heathen Assyrian king Sennacherib, God’s people needed to get back to the basics of what they had been taught. The nation had drifted away from those principles that made them the object of God’s favor and protection. If conquered, there was the possibility that they would be deported into foreign countries like the Israelites to the north. Asaph’s son wanted to make sure that they and their children knew who they were and where God had brought them from in order for them to have the motivation to survive. So they wrote this reminder to serve as a wake-up call for God’s people to get back to being the people of God.

All God’s children, please be open minded to what I’m about to tell you; yes, listen carefully to what I’m about to say. I’ll begin with an illustration to explain deep truths from the past; truths we were taught and came to believe, passed on to us by our elders. Let us not keep these truths from our children, so they can pass them on to their children. Let us give praise to the LORD Eternal for everything He’s done and the wonders He has performed for us. He instituted a system for our ancestors, and ordained procedures for our people, instructing our forefathers to teach these truths to their children. He wanted future generations, and those yet unborn, to learn these truths as well, so they too could pass them on to their children; in order that they might learn to trust in the One True God, and not forget what their Heavenly King did for them; to obey His instruction so they would not end up becoming a hardheaded and contentious generation; yes, to prevent them from being a generation with insincere hearts, straying away from being dedicated to the One True God’s will and purpose for their lives.” Psalm 78:1-8

Reflection: In one introduction to “Causes for the Fall of the Roman Empire,” we find a list of major factors that brought on its collapse. Put in modern language, we see frightening similarities of what is happening today: (1) Antagonism between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch of the federal government. (2) Decline of morals in society. (3) Political corruption and the excessive power given to the Executive Branch advisers and staff. (4) Fast expansion of the Federal Government’s influence. (5) Constant Wars and Heavy Military Spending. (6) Known enemies having access to military secrets. (7) Failing Economy. (8) High unemployment in the Middle Class. (9) Civil disobedience and unrestrained demonstrations. (10) Drastic decline in Ethics and Values, especially among the countries leadership. (11) Uncontrolled expansion of undocumented workers. (12) Increase in natural disasters. Another item listed involved the fact that the pagan religion of the Romans was being eclipsed by the rise of Christianity in their midst; eventually becoming the state religion. In modern terms we see the reverse: the basic tenets of Christianity giving way to atheism and pagan philosophies and becoming a secular society. As Asaph’s son realized for his fellow Jews, so must we awaken to the truth that unless our children are given a strong and solid foundation to stand on, they too may become victims of the growing tidal wave of those who are falling away in these last days. We must remember that Jesus prophesied that this would happen, but promised that those who remained faithful until the end would be saved.

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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