David finally experienced the joy of having his sins washed away; the ugliness of his disobedience being transformed into the beauty of forgiveness; and having the door to his heart opened once more to express his joy in the Lord. He could hardly contain his excitement and wanted everyone to join him in praise and honor to the King of kings. It was like coming out of a cold, dark isolated cave into the bright sunlight shining on a beautiful meadow full of flowers and trees. He had just experienced the difference between pretending to trust God not to hurt him, and genuine trust in God’s amazing grace.

Let believers everywhere give the LORD Eternal a rousing, standing ovation; after all, it’s only right for believers to applaud Him this way. Break out the musical instruments; yes, sing songs of praise to Him with stringed instruments, as you serenade Him with a new song and shout for joy. For the LORD Eternal backs up everything He’s ever said and guarantees everything He’s ever done. Look around you and you’ll see the effects of His passion for what is right and what is just. For by the word of the LORD Eternal the universe was formed, and all the galaxies instantly appeared at the sound of His voice. Count your blessings if you live in a nation that acknowledges Him as their One True God and LORD Eternal; yes, count your blessings if you are the people He chose to be His very own. For the LORD Eternal looks down from heaven and keeps His eye on every human being. Yes, from the place where He lives He gazes intently on earth’s inhabitants. He simultaneously knows exactly what’s on each person’s mind; He knows exactly what each one of them plan to do. That’s why we can hardly wait for the LORD Eternal to return, because He’s our companion and protector. Yes, because of who He is, our absolute trust is in what He’s done, and our hearts rejoice. So let us bask in Your steadfast love, O LORD Eternal, since our hope is only in You.” Psalm 33:1-6, 12-14, 20-22

Reflection: Many years ago a sailing ship was caught in a fierce Atlantic storm. The passengers on board held-on for dear life as it rose high on the waves and then came crashing down, and many hid away in their cabins, hoping and praying the storm would stop before they sank. However, while many were swaying back and forth as they tightly gripped the rails, they noticed a young boy who remained as steady as could be; the huge white-capped waves smashing up against the side of the ship didn’t seem to bother him at all. Finally someone yelled out to him, “Son, why are you so calm, aren’t you afraid of this storm?” Looking cool and collected the young lad answered, “No, I’m not scared, because my daddy is the captain!” While some believers get caught up looking for marvelous signs and great wonders resulting from faith that can move mountains, others listen for testimonies about how God woke someone up at just the right time; or inspired someone to call a friend at just the right moment; or gave someone the right thing to say in a critical situation that saved a life. Simple faith seems to get lost as people line up to fill auditoriums to see or hear about another miracle. Yes, the creator of the universe is used to doing big things, but He’s also our heavenly Father. Often it’s the little, small, minute, precise acts of obedience, faith, and confidence in Him that have changed people and altered the course of entire nations.

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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