Nothing occupied David’s thoughts more than his dream of getting the Ark of the Covenant into the tent he erected to house it. To him the Ark represented the presence of the Holy One, and the power of the Almighty One who led His children to many victories over superior enemies. So as he transported this holy object to Jerusalem, he wanted everyone to rejoice that now the visible presence of God was in their midst. It gave them more faith to believe in the God who was their God by knowing that He was nearby and reachable with their prayers and worship.

Let every believer shout and applaud the LORD Eternal; yes, praise and worship the LORD Eternal because you know how powerful He is. Yes, give the LORD Eternal a standing ovation out of respect because of who He is, as you bow before the LORD Eternal with respect and awe. The sound of the sea is the voice of the LORD Eternal; the roaring waves are the voice of the LORD Eternal. The LORD Eternal has a powerful voice; a majestic voice. The thunder that ripples through the trees is the voice of the LORD Eternal; the thunder that causes the ground to shake is the voice of the LORD Eternal. There is fire in the voice of the LORD Eternal; yes, you can hear the voice of the LORD Eternal as it ripples across the deserts and the plains. The voice of the LORD calls out and deer give birth in the forest; His voice shakes the trees and makes their leaves fall, as all those gathered in His Holy Sanctuary shout, ‘Glory!” The LORD Eternal was in control during earth’s most chaotic times and the LORD Eternal will rule and reign forever. So we ask the LORD Eternal to grant His children recognition as special people, and may the LORD Eternal cause them to be honored as people of peace.” Psalm 29:1-12

Reflection: While at a camp meeting in Western Canada I noticed the ushers suddenly scurrying outside then back in, whispering to people in the congregation. Soon the overseer went to the microphone and announced that a terrible hail storm with terrific lightning and thunder was about to slam into the area. He cautioned everyone with cars to get them under cover. By the time I stood up to preach, the thunder cracked loud and sharp overhead. The audience became distracted by the strong wind blowing through the trees as hail began pounding the tin roof of the tabernacle. So I asked everyone who believed that God possessed power over nature to stand and pray with me. It was a simple prayer, asking God to calm the storm so the meeting might proceed. Within 15 seconds the hail stopped and the winds died down. I was able to go on and preach the message God laid on my heart.

Little did I know that on that very night several prostitutes from the local town had been invited to the service. When I gave the altar call they came forward for salvation. When asked later, by one of the ministers, what did the preacher say that convicted you to go forward to be born again? One of the ladies responded, “Oh, it wasn’t so much what the preacher said, it was how God answered his prayer and stopped the storm. Then I knew that God was real and I needed to repent and accept Him as my Lord and Savior.” No wonder David spent so much time in his psalm describing the might of the God he worshiped. The world may doubt God’s word, but they cannot explain away His power.

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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