David knew that adversity often lay waiting just around the next corner. He faced that when he was confronted by Goliath at a young age, and then challenged later in life by another giant from Goliath’s clan named Ishbi-Benob. However, a young hero named Abishai came to his rescue and killed this monster to save David’s life. This taught David that even when facing the same challenge again he did not depend on his own abilities and strength or experience to survive, but was willing to accept God’s help whenever, wherever, and in whatever way God provided it.

The LORD Eternal provides me the insight needed to survive, there’s no reason to fear life’s challenges. The LORD Eternal is my blessed assurance, there’s no reason to be anxious about tomorrow. When people without character come at me, intent on tearing my reputation apart—they are the ones, these manipulators, these people of ill-will who will be exposed and fail. And no matter how many of them take aim at me, I won’t give in to fear; even if they declare war against me, I will not be shaken. I’ve made one request of the LORD Eternal, and that’s all I want: that for the rest of my life I will be able to sit down in His house to witness the splendor of His power as I meditate in His presence. For I am convinced that He will always be there to shelter me during the time of storm; yes, He will have a place for me to feel safe; like putting me high up on a protective rock where I can’t be reached. That’s why I feel secure from all those around me who want to see me fail. So I will go to His house, where I will celebrate, and sing songs of praise to my LORD Eternal.” Psalm 27:1-6

Reflection: Natan Shransky, the hero of the anti-Communist resistance in Russia, who languished many years in Soviet prisons, wrote in his autobiography about his liberation. During his solitary confinement, a little booklet of the Psalms saved his sanity. Verse 10 from this Psalm proved especially sustaining: “Even if my father and my mother abandon me, the LORD Eternal will take care of me.” These words assured him that he was not alone; God was standing right beside him. We find similar stories of other men and women around the world, who, facing danger and hardships, turned to the Word of God to be their strength. But the unconditional love of an unchanging God proved to be their anchor in times of storm. Adverse circumstances, and those who cause them, may take away many things from a person, but they cannot take away hope and faith. They must either be surrendered or thrown away by the person possessing them. David decided to hold on no matter what and let God handle the rest His way.

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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