David was worn out with Saul’s constant hounding and deceptive methods in trying to get rid of him so he could not take over his throne. It’s one thing when an opponent fights square and fair, but Saul used all types of underhanded methods to fool and assassinate David. What made it so heart-wrenching was that if God had not used David to save Israel from the Philistine giant Goliath, Saul would have no kingdom. So David composed a song to express his frustration with this dark-hearted Benjaminite. In so doing, David not only sent a message to his adversary that he was not giving up, but also to encouraged himself and others to remain strong and steadfast.

O LORD Eternal, the God above all others, You’ve got to help me; I’m being hounded by those who despise me and You’re the only One who can keep me out of their reach. If You don’t do something they will rip me apart like a lion; tearing me to pieces because there is no one around to protect me. O LORD Eternal, my One True God, I’m ready to accept responsibility if I’m the one who’s at fault for causing this mess. If it turns out that I double-crossed any of my friends, or took things and then claimed they were mine, they have a right to chase me until they catch me; and when they do let them take it out on me no matter how much it hurts. They can then walk off and leave me to die. However, what they are doing to me now should cause You to stand up and defend me, O LORD Eternal; You must see that the justice You promised is served. I want everyone to know that You are still on Your throne; that You, O LORD Eternal, are the one who decides who’s right and who’s wrong in any situation, and I believe You will stand up for me because You know what I’m doing is right. Yes, O LORD Eternal, because You know I’m doing the best I can in the best way I can. Therefore put an end to all this trouble caused by such evil-minded people, but keep those who are living like they should where they have the right to be. For when it comes to examining a person’s heart and mind, there’s no judge as fair as You, O One True God.” Psalm 7:1-9

Reflection: In 1904, William Borden, 16 year old heir to the Borden Dairy Estate, graduated from high school already a millionaire. As a graduation present his parents gave him a trip around the world. While visiting Asia and the Middle East, William became burdened for the poor and afflicted. He wrote home: “I’m going to give my life to prepare for the mission field.” And on the flyleaf of his Bible he wrote, “No Reserves.” He entered Yale University and soon began a daily prayer group. By the end of the year 150 freshmen were involved. When he graduated, 1,000 out of Yale’s 1,300 students met in such groups. William turned down many job offers, and wrote again on the flyleaf of his Bible, “No Retreats.” After completing his degree at Princeton Seminary, William sailed for China to work with Muslims. He stopped in Egypt to make preparations for the final leg of his trip. While there he was stricken with cerebral meningitis and died within a month. Just before he passed away he wrote the last time on the flyleaf of his Bible, “No Regrets.” Even though many doubted the wisdom of his decision, his intentions were beyond question. Both David and young William give us great examples of doing things God’s way, no matter what the cost or consequences. They understood that God does not add up our value based on the number of years we serve or all the positions we hold, but on how strong the intent of our heart is to be faithful as long as He gives us life.

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Retired missionary, pastor, seminary professor, Board Certified Chaplain and American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Director.
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